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Kidsworld is one of the best!

The heart of Kidsworld is to provide families with an affordable way to spend quality time together at the great places in Vancouver.

A Kidsworld pass provides a child and adult access to over 50 events this summer for only $60! 

Kidsworld has a wide range of events including art, dance, music, sporting events and attractions.  These include places like the Vancouver Art Gallery and Richmond Olympic Experience as well as tours of YVR Airport and Rogers Arena!

Now is the time to order your pass!

Clip ‘N Climb has a variety of cleverly designed sizes and each one is a people magnet. Everyone loves the physical and mental challenges of Clip ‘N Climb which bring them back time and time again.

Clip ’N Climb is climbing re-invented! 


Vancouver can now experience all the excitement at the first Clip 'N Climb location in Western Canada, located in Richmond!   With its unique style and Trublue auto belay system, Clip 'n Climb provides a safe, fun environment where  climbing really becomes a game. Climbers only have to clip into the safety system and climb, to attempt the Clip 'n Climb challenges! More than 25 walls including 75 different challenges & 2 Super Challenges (the Leap Of Faith and the infamous Drop Slide) have been designed especially to bring climbing to everyone!


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